Dine Around

The Capital Area Health Alliance’s 8th Annual Medical Student Networking and Dine Around Evening, held on November 3, 2016, was a successful event, thanks to the hard work of the Capital Area Physician Experience (CAPE) committee members, the generous support of 15 sponsors, and the participation of 25 physician mentors and resource people. An engaged group of 63 students from the MSU College of Human Medicine and MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine attended to participate in roundtable discussions with Lansing area physicians of different specialties and experts on Graduate Medical Education and state loan repayment programs.

Virtually all of the students attending the event were in their first or second years of medical school, and this event showcases Greater Lansing as a welcoming community, interested in helping these students learn about the potential opportunities to train, practice and live in the area. Recognizing that recruiting residents is an important first step in bringing physicians to the area, this year’s program included a focus on planning for Graduate Medical Education (GME). A brief presentation and information in the program booklet offered resources for the students, including a list of current residencies in the Greater Lansing area, a directory of websites with valuable information for students exploring GME options, and questions to consider when choosing a specialty. The students were also able to learn about practicing in the Lansing area, from the experience of 25 physicians, representing 17 specialty and subspecialty areas.
Information from surveys of both students and physicians mentors who participated in the event will be gathered in December, providing information that will be valuable to the CAPE Committee as it plans future initiatives to attract and retain the physician workforce needed to serve the diverse needs of Greater Lansing residents.

Download the 2016 Dine Around Event Program.
Physician Mentors:
  • Academics/Medical Education - Sheri Clarke, PhD
  • Anesthesiology - Tom Rodziewicz, MD
  • Cardiology - MohanMadala, MD
  • Cardiology - James Schafer, DO
  • Emergency Medicine - Ted Glynn, MD
  • Family Medicine - Surae Eaton, MD
  • Family Medicine - David Walsworth, MD
  • Family Medicine & Primary Care Free Clinics - Farhan Bhatti, MD
  • Family Medicine & Primary Care Free Clinics - Amy Keenum, DO
  • General Surgery - Nicholas St. Hilaire, DO
  • Geriatrics - Kristin Gaumer, DO
  • Hospitalist - Kristy Beckholt, DO
  • Hospitalist - Manohar Chintu, MD
  • Hospitalist - Carol Nwelue, MD
  • Internal Medicine Gastroenterology- Iftiker Ahmad, MD
  • Internal Medicine Nephrology- Gabriel Elia Jacusiel, MD
  • Internal Medicine Pulmonology- David Young, DO
  • MI Loan Repayment & Rural Health - Harshini Jayasuriya, MD 
  • MI Loan Repayment & Rural Health - Rachel Ruddock
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology - Erica Behring, MD
  • Pediatrics - Michael Stiffler, MD
  • Pediatric Pulmonology - Richard Honicky, MD
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Mathew R. Saffarian, DO
  • Psychiatry - Jennifer Stanley, MD
  • Public Health - Robert Schirmer, MD

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2015 CAPE Dine Around

November 17, 2015
6:00-9:00 p.m.
Eagle Eye Golf Club, East Lansing

(Click here for event flyer.)
On November 17, 2015, CAPE hosted its Seventh Annual Medical Student Networking & Dine Around Evening at the Eagle Eye Golf Club. The event was open to all regional medical students, who enjoyed a buffet dinner and were joined by practicing area physicians from diverse medical specialties. Almost 100 medical students were welcomed by CAHA Board Chairperson and Dean of Health and Human Services of Lansing Community College, Margie Clark, RN, MSN, and CAHA Executive Director, Kathy Hollister. Physician Mentors Dr. Farhan Bhatti and Dr. Shimia Isaac were specially introduced as physicians who had attended the Dine Around as residents, and they provided some remarks. Each “Physician Mentor” then hosted a roundtable discussion regarding their professional and personal experiences as a physician practicing in the Greater Lansing area. The event concluded with Door Prize drawings, generously donated by event sponsors. The Dine Around was a resounding success, and both physicians and students looked forward to attending the following year. Download the 2015 Event Program.


Physician Mentors:
  • Academics/Medical Education - Sheri Clarke, MPA
  • Anesthesiology - Tom Rodziewicz, MD
  • Emergency & Internal Medicine - Nancy Weber, DO
  • Family Medicine - Shimia Isaac, DO & Jennifer Edwards Johnson, DO
  • Free Clinic & Primary Care - Farhan Bhatti, MD
  • General Surgery - Robert Osmer, MD
  • Geriatrics - Kristin Gaumer, DO
  • Hospice & Palliative Care - Carol Scot, MD
  • Hospitalist - Kristy Beckholt, DO & Carole Nwelue, MD & Praveen Vemula, MD
  • Internal Medicine - Supratik Rayamajhi, MD
  • MI Loan Repayment & Rural Health - Hershey Jayasuriya, MD
  • Nephrology- Gabriel Elia Jacusiel, MD
  • Neurology - Erica Austin, DO
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology - Erica Behring, MD
  • Orthopedics - J. Wesley Mesko, MD
  • Pain Management - Narasimha Gundamraj, MD
  • Pediatric Pulmonology- Richard Honicky, MD
  • Pediatrics - Nancy Spates, MD
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Mathew Saffarian, DO
  • Psychiatry - Jennifer Stanley, MD
  • Urology - Shirley Harding, DO


Student & Mentor Survey Findings
A survey of the Dine Around attendees and Physician Mentors was conducted in the week following the event. Key findings included:
  • 56% of students agreed that the event influenced their thinking about continuing to work and/or study in the Lansing area
  • The most beneficial topics of discussion included a typical work day (40%), lifestyle and living in the Capital Area (33%), and specific details about being a resident (29%)
  • 56% of students stated that there were additional aspects of the Capital Area they wanted to learn more about, which might influence their decision to stay in the area. Of these, most wanted to learn more about residency opportunities (21%) and lifestyle (21%).
  • When asked what they were looking for in a community where they would practice medicine, items pertaining to lifestyle (e.g., diversity, lots of things to do in the area, suburban living with big city amenities), were mentioned over twice as much as those pertaining to career (e.g., career opportunities, working environment)
  • 80% of Physician Mentors felt the students obtained a better understanding of specific specialties and life as a physician
  • 60% of Physician Mentors stated that the most commonly asked question by students was what the physician’s daily schedule and lifestyle were like
Download the full 2015 Student Survey Findings.
  • 1-week Guest Pass to Sparrow MAC for all attendees (courtesy of Sparrow MAC)
  • Capital Prime Gift Card (courtesy of The Centennial Group)
  • Gift Basket (courtesy of Sparrow Health System)
  • Gift Basket (courtesy of Lynne VanDeventer, Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood)
  • Massage (courtesy of Creative Wellness)
  • Meijer Gift Card (courtesy of Medical Opportunities in Michigan)
  • MSU Basketball Tickets (courtesy of McLaren Greater Lansing)
  • Restaurant Gift Card (courtesy of Horizon Bank)
  • Target Gift Cards (courtesy of GMEI)
  • Theater Tickets (courtesy of Williamston Theatre)
Sponsors: Capital Area Health Alliance, Eaton Rapids Medical Center, Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital, Ingham County Medical Society, Lansing Community College, McLaren Greater Lansing, Michigan Osteopathic Association, MSU College of Human Medicine, MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, Sparrow Health System