Principles and Values

The principles and values of the Capital Area Health Alliance reflect the spirit, deep compassion and committed volunteerism that are basic characteristics of the Capital Area community.

1. CAHA believes that the collaboration of member stakeholders can significantly improve the access, quality, and cost effectiveness of health care in the tri-county area.

2. CAHA believes the integration of diverse sectors of our community is necessary for a healthy community due to the complex nature of health care challenges and the health care system.

3. CAHA believes it is necessary to invest in the health care of each other to enhance the well-being of our entire community.

4. CAHA will strive to create an environment that is inclusive of multiple stakeholders to bring groups together.

5. CAHA will work to build trust and mutual commitment to collaborative relationships among stakeholders.

6. CAHA will be a neutral convening body committed to bring together groups, organizations, professionals and volunteers.

7. CAHA believes we must be responsible stewards of our community’s health resources.