Identity Statement

We, the Capital Area Health Alliance,

advance our mission of:
Advocating for community and population health in all aspects of the community and for improvements in quality and access to health care resources

and seek to:
Empower our community to achieve better health (i.e. create improvements in the local healthcare resources, personal health, and well-being of our entire community)

by serving:
Participating organizations and area residents in the Clinton, Eaton, Ingham Tri-County area

Committees and activities aimed at collectively finding solutions to current health care trends

and emphasizing our collaborative strengths of:  
Being a trusted regional hub for collaboration with the proven ability to network and convene a broad, diverse group of stakeholders and form community partnerships to collectively address common issues.

We are sustainable by:   
Funds provided through member fees and the expertise of the many dedicated professionals who volunteer their time accomplishing CAHA strategies and initiatives. Our fee-based funding may be augmented by grants or donations received to support specific initiatives and events.