Community Events

December 16, 2017

Mobile Food Pantry - Lansing

The Mobile Food Pantry will be distributing FREE, fresh, non-perishable food items.  Who can participate?  The disadvantaged and vulnerable, senior citizens on fixed incomes, and families/individuals with limited or low-income jobs.  Valid state ID or driver's license required.  Participants should bring a box or bag to carry food.
January 13, 2018

Cooking Matters for Adults Begins

MSU Extension presents a five-week cooking class demo for adults. Cooking healthy yet inexpensive meals, especially for those living alone, can be a challenge. Come learn healthy ways to cook and shop. Limited to first 16 people per session.  FREE.
January 16, 2018

Creating Confident Caregivers Begins

Creating Confident Caregivers® provides persons caring for an individual with dementia at home with information, skills and attitudes to manage stress and learn effective care giving skills.Two-hour sessions, led by dementia-care specialists, are held once each week for six weeks. Respite Care for your loved one with memory loss may be available so you may attend the classes. Ask for details when you register.  To register, call TCOA at 517-887-1447.  FREE.
January 17, 2018

Chronic Pain PATH Begins

Chronic Pain Personal Action Toward Health (Chronic Pain PATH) is a six-week workshop conducted in 2 ½ hour sessions in community settings.  Chronic Pain PATH is designed to benefit adults who have primary or secondary pain. Pain is defined as being chronic or long term when it lasts for longer than 3 to 6 months or beyond the normal healing time of an injury.  Pre-registration is required. To register, call TCOA at 517-887-1465.  FREE.

January 17, 2018

Matter of Balance Begins

Matter of Balance is an award-winning evidence-based program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels. Workshop sessions are 2 hours long and last 8 weeks. Participants learn to identify and recognize beliefs about falls and fitness, identify barriers to exercise and its importance to preventing falls, identify potential home and community fall hazards and strategies to reduce the risk of falling and learn about community resources.  Pre-registration is required. Free will donations are accepted at the last session. Suggested donation $25.  To register, call TCOA at 517-887-1465.
January 30, 2018

Adult Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the initial help given to a person showing symptoms of mental illness or in a mental health crisis (severe depression, psychosis, panic attack, suicidal thoughts and behaviors) until appropriate professional or other help, including peer and family support, can be engaged.  $25 registration fee.  Scholarships may be available upon request.  
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February 04, 2018

Cabin Fever Reliever Guided Walk

Now’s the time to get outside for a brisk walk in the winter sunshine! You’ll stretch your legs and breathe fresh air as a naturalist describes the signs of winter wildlife and how they survive a Michigan winter. $3/person or $7/family payable at the walk.